• Wee Read goes to The Hope Cafe Lanarkshire

    Well at last Wee Read made it to The Hope Cafe in Lanark this Wednesday. It was well worth the wait! The cafe is comfy, colourful and buzzing with people! There’s a lovely wee room at the back called Mandy’s Place.This is where our expressive writing sessions will be happening for 6 Wednesdays from the 1st of  July.  The group will meet from 2-4 o’clock and everyone is welcome.Please book with me, Christine at email christine@weeread.scot tel 07952 982868.

    I am looking forward to spending time in such a vibrant, supportive space.Cloudy sunset pic

    Wee Read at The Hope Café
    8 Wide Close, Lanark
    Writing for Mental Wealth

    Wednesday afternoons starting on 1st July from 2 – 4 o’clock.

    Sessions will be led by Christine Cather
    Please join us for some therapeutic writing, a wee read and a right blether!

    Our approach is for beginners – Whatever you write is right!

    Please BOOK – Contact Christine at:
    E-mail christine@weeread.scot
    Tel 07952 982868
    Website www.weeread.scot




Born in 1958 and brought up in Blantyre in a family of seven. Moved to Glasgow in 1976 and stayed until 2012. Then I moved back to Hamilton where I had attended secondary school, for 4 years. Home is now Glasgow, again, I am a weegie through 'n through. I have two daughters, and four granddaughters who all light up my life. My experience of working with poetry, writing, reading and so on is from my childhood. One of my poems was published in a school magazine when I was 12. I am now trying to publish my first grown-up booklet of poems within the next year or so. I trained and studied to become a librarian from 1977. It was the one job I wanted since reading in Hamilton Townhouse Library in the early 1970's!I watched the staff and thought, I'd like to work here... Bibliotherapy came into my life in 2007, at Glasgow Women's Library.


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