• Wee Read’s Week!

    CHRISTINE , DONNA AND GILLIAN AT STAND UP AGAINST STIGMA (640x480)Today I am going to The Pop-Up Hope Cafe at St. Ninian’s Church hall in Stonehouse. It is such a welcoming place, the people who volunteer there work so hard and create a lovely place to work in.

    Everyone is welcome, cafe is open from 10am – 2 pm.Wee Read is on from 11am-12 noon. Please join us for a chat about mental health stigma, and how we can improve it, conversation by conversation!stonehouse hope cafe 2016


    The kitchen is always buzzing wi’ activity, and you’ll find fresh rolls ‘n soup, cakes, smiles, a blether!

    The dates for the fortnightly cafe are here: Thursday:

    3rd March , 24th   March

    7th April,  28th April.

    Hope to see you there!



    Earlier this week I wrote a poem for my uncle Walter who died on Monday.

    My Guy


    The Boxer

    Simon & Garfunkel!


    World Champion

    Fancy footwork uncle!


    In the clearing stands a boxer

    and Walter McGowan is his name

    A Burnbank Boy

    with many friends

    his father Joe Gans

    trained in his gym.

    Joe and Walter will be remembered always,

    not for the fame,

    but for what they gave –

    charm and generosity,

    helped everybody aw’ the time.


    C. Cather


    Yesterday, we were at The Hope Cafe in Lanark, had a warm meeting as ever, lots of memories about Grannys’ handbags, using a tool from the Words Work Well Scotland Toolkit, and a but of hard work trying to draw from Norman Maccaig’s ‘ Standing on the corner, early morning’ – What a poem, but we did it proud.

    Come along and join us – we’ll be at the Hope cafe Lanark on Wednesdays, 2-3.30 pm!

    Hope Floats 1