• Storycoach Michael Williams

    Are you thinking about writing your life story again, or rewriting something traumatic that still affects your behaviour?There are various ways to do that.

    Later this year I will do some rewriting on the mental health stigma that happened to me and other people.

    I was reminded of a session by Michael Williams, where he led transformative storytelling  at a Lapidus event in Glasgow. He is a great talent and a gift to us all. He used the ancient Greek chorus technique. This means that you tell a group about your traumatic event, then they choose a sentence of your own words and repeat it back to you. I told about a traumatic event in my life- causing a fire in a friend’s house where me and my two kids were staying. This had been about twenty years before, and since then,  I had always felt  guilt, blame and shame. My story that I constantly repeated in my head was :

    ‘I could have killed my children’.

    At the transformative storytelling group, the people who spoke my words back to me then went further and told me what a positive thing I had done. That I was a hero, I saved them, I got them out.

    I broke down and wept.

    The story became:

    ‘I saved my children from the fire.’

    and this literally changed the story I had told myself  and do tell myself.

    The relief and the spaciousness that opened up inside of me is strange and amazing.

    I would love to work with Michael again, to share his talents for others’ benefit.

    Have a look at his website !