• The Alliance Citizen’s Assembly

    I went with my Lapidus Scotland hat on as a volunteer at the Conference today, we had put our new leaflets into the delegate packs, so that was a good intro to everyone I bumped into. I got a few people to follow up with our Lapidus Words Work Well project this year, and did not get too frazzled!I have been to so many conferences before that you just  learn to hold back a bit.

    I did tweet, though it’s odd to be ‘allowed’ to bring out your phone and type away as the person is talking! I quite like it, even though am still getting my @’s and my #’s mixed up or whatever!Ye can be quite cheeky in a tweet.

    The main focus of the day was a sober discussion about how to become the ‘centre stage’ to create new Scottish Government’s policies for Health and Social Care.These were the words this morning from Sheena Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing & Sport. A new, separate Wellbeing service was mooted and people thought about this through the day. The replies I heard were negative, a new service would be just another tier of power and control over people.

    I hope the national conversation about this will continue at an easily accessible level for everyone that this matters to…

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