• Wee Read gets aboot

    Well, 6 or 7 weeks into the Wee Read project, I have made a lot of new contacts and learned a lot about becoming a community social enterprise! In the past few weeks, I have been speaking to Lanarkshire folk in the peer network for supporting people with mental health issues, ‘ Expeerience Counts’. I met old faces and new at a development day in Wishaw,  and it was  good to hear about the intelligent work they are doing to help people to self-manage.

    I have also met staff at Lanarkshire Association for Mental Health in Hamilton, and then to Motherwell,  at The Wellness Hub . I love finding out what like-minded people are up to, and it’s made a bit homelier because it’s me coming home to Lanarkshire. It’s definitely different from Glasgow and it’s so good to be free to tok in ma ain voice.

    I am encouraged by the interest for Wee Read’s services and am getting nearer to doing a few taster sessions. Can’t wait!

    I have a beautiful diary that I have sought put over the past 3 years- Faber Poetry Diary, it is so helpful, as it has poems on pages to keep me inspired, or for using in groups!