• Wee Read’s Big News!

    Had a brilliant week, my busy-ness over the last few months has gained a bit of funding from the See Me Campaign.

    This will be for a Community Innovation project in Hamilton and Blantyre, to fight mental health stigma with bibliotherapy.

    “See Me is driving change across Scotland that will help prevent suicide, empower people who have been discriminated against. Many people will not seek support due to the stigma they expect to face and the self stigma of feeling a burden. No one should ever be made to feel ashamed or embarrassed to tell anyone that they experience mental health problems. Together, we have a shared responsibility to understand what mental health stigma and discrimination feels like and drive home the message that everyone is entitled to and deserving of help and support. To stigmatise and discriminate is to mark someone as different.”

    If you are interested in having a fighting stigma session in your workplace or in a group, please contact me at christine@weeread.scot


  • Talking about Mental Health

    Today I was reminded that I made a pledge a month ago with Time to Change, to help change the stigma about mental health. I pledged to talk about my experience more. So here’s a blog I read today, ‘Depression Does not define you’,  followed by my response to that.

    …”Last week was Depression Awareness Week and to raise awareness myself I’ve decided to write a blog post about it. It shouldn’t just be one week that everyone talks about depression it should be every day because if we talk about mental health a lot more we can tackle the stigma in a more effective way. People choose not to talk about depression because of the lack of understanding and compassion in society today. Depression doesn’t define who you are as a person.

    They ask “Are you okay?” and the answer is always “I’m fine” because you don’t want everyone to think that you’re weak.

    So imagine this and put yourself in someone suffering from depression’s shoes.”Read more

  • A Mental Health Recovery Network for Lanarkshire

    Networking 12th March 2015

    Out today in the Alona Hotel in Strathclyde Country Park, at an event called ‘Growing a Lanarkshire Movement for Change’ . This conference has been  set up by Lanarkshire Recovery Network – for people with mental health issues, and SeeMe – the anti-stigma campaign for mental health. What a great turnout- 150 people from all walks of life and some stomping presentations, two musical sessions and the amazing Ketso- a consultation and discussion tool.

    We talked about what needs to change to make Lanarkshire to break through the mental health stigma, and I did a workshop on the legal, equality and human rights side of things. I learned about Compulsory Treatment Orders and other mental health processes, and told everybody about my plans to bring innovative reading and writing groups to Lanarkshire. Exhilarating day!