Wee Read is for people who are new to these activities, and so sessions are informal, easy, comfortable and accessible. Wee Read has a person-centred approach that is non-clinical and aims to be involved with peer-led activities. All groups are confidential.
Speaking out in both the reading and writing groups is one of the valuable outcomes that promotes well-being. Friendships and confidence can strengthen during the group process. Participants often find that reading, writing and talking about this with others is helpful.
All sessions are tailored to clients’ needs by discussion. I am an experienced facilitator and trainer and can design sessions for a range of people.

Shared reading aloud groups explore poems, stories and other resources including song and film that suit the group participants. A theme can be chosen that appeals to the members. In sessions, I read short stories or poems aloud, then we chat about what it means to us. The group members listen and can read aloud if they choose. Each session is designed to promote discussion. Listening and joining in are the only things you need to be able to do.

Expressive Writing groups introduce an open approach using journalling, encouraging writing at home and sharing with the group. This is an affirmative approach with the aim of introducing people to writing in their own way. Whatever you write is right! There is no set subject only suggestions for you to write about. There is no pressure about having to read it out – this is up to the individual. If someone is unable to write, a scribe can write for them.
We are happy to include everyone and will support people with disabilities to access these activities where possible.

Sessions available:


Sessions with groups (up to 10)

Shared reading aloud activities – £100 (negotiable) per 2 hour session plus expenses.

Expressive writing activities – £100 (negotiable) per 2 hour session plus expenses.

One-to-one – negotiable

All prices are negotiable.

Please contact Christine at:

Tel. 07952 982868