Local Community Champion – Christine Cather of Wee Read!


Christine is pledging to put time into her work with the Lanark writing group ( that was The Hope Cafe writing group previously). The aim is to prevent suicide, conversation by conversation, by reading our poems and stories to people in different settings. This can be the start of talking about mental health in a non-judgemental way and make it easier for others to join in with their experiences.


Contact Christine for details, she will be happy to come and chat to you, and any local groups.

Tel 07952 982868, email

More about See Me

See Me is Scotland’s Programme to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination.  They are funded by Scottish Government and Comic Relief and are managed by SAMH and The Mental Health Foundation.

A new project at See Me is Community Conversations, a draft resource for improving knowledge on human rights and how the rights of people with mental illness are affected.

Wee Read will be involved with creating this useful tool on human rights.


Lanark Focus group met on was a great opportunity to have our say about specific experiences, for example, with local Police, local NHS and GPs and other public services treatment of our community. There were some sad and powerful incidents which were moving to listen to. It felt good to be heard and we felt supported by the two staff members from the Legal Services Agency. They are researching in local focus groups with people who have experienced stigma because of mental illness. It is the best place to start, this participation of the actual community of mental health service users  can then go on and deliver this part of the ‘Community Conversations’ toolkit.The permission to use stories as case studies was something that made me realise again, the story is at the root and must be heard!

See Me, Read Me!