• Rights for Life Conference 2nd and 3rd June

    The anti-stigma conference by See Me, VoX, The Scottish Recovery Network.

    While listening and visiting the live stream here, I am thinking about designing an anti-stigma bibliotherapy session, using reading and writing. I just got approval for my Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival event in October on mental health stigma.

    This session with Heather Stuart is helping, as she mentions people telling their recovery story. She advises us to carefully target the groups we work with. I have been telling mine, and this conference empowers me more, to feel stronger about my experience instead of self-stigmatizing myself that I am/was weak.

    Graham Morgan  is now telling us about HUG, a place in the Highlands where people can tell their story- 30 priorities identified, poverty, austerity, stigma and self-stigma are top of the list.Limits to our tolerance of abhorrent practices when suicidal people are jailed and hurt by our statutory agencies like NHS.

    I agree with Graham, This Must Stop.

    Later Graham mentions creative writing session and confirms my focus for SMHAFF session to target self-stigma at the session there. he also points out that to fight austerity, we can use such things as music, friends, and I add reading and writing to this.

    It’s been an exciting morning especially for me on Twitter.My first attempt at being a virtual attendee. Great.

    Evaluation, my 3 things I got- focus on self-stigma

    Speaking out as empowering

    Layers of stigma in society is very complex.


    Coffee break.

    Tweets on the fair representation in the arts here

    Films are topic that needs a focus on well-written characters with mental illness.Writing on the agenda again!




Born in 1958 and brought up in Blantyre in a family of seven. Moved to Glasgow in 1976 and stayed until 2012. Then I moved back to Hamilton where I had attended secondary school, for 4 years. Home is now Glasgow, again, I am a weegie through 'n through. I have two daughters, and four granddaughters who all light up my life. My experience of working with poetry, writing, reading and so on is from my childhood. One of my poems was published in a school magazine when I was 12. I am now trying to publish my first grown-up booklet of poems within the next year or so. I trained and studied to become a librarian from 1977. It was the one job I wanted since reading in Hamilton Townhouse Library in the early 1970's!I watched the staff and thought, I'd like to work here... Bibliotherapy came into my life in 2007, at Glasgow Women's Library.


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