• Happy New Year for 2018

    ME N MUM SEPT 17Hope you are loving life as it should be.For the first time I am going away to a retreat for New Year. My mother died recently and she always favoured a Scottish Ne’erday over Christmas.I will read some Burns for her at oor ceilidh.

    I ventured onto the website issuu.com and published a wee introduction to bibliotherapy. I have been asked to talk about it to Napier University staff in January and previously gave this outline also at Napier in October.

    Looking forward to going there, then on Burns birthday I go to the Scottish Parliament as Maggie’s Lanarkshire have been invited to a reception with the health minister and others. Spreading the message of how writing and reading is good for you!


    Aye Best,


    Wee bit of The Star O’ Rabbie Burns by Robert Thomson

    To sweep the strains o’ Scotia’s lyre
    It needs nae classic lore;
    It’s heart o’ pith and native fire
    That warms the bosom’s core.
    Let kings and courtiers rise and fall,
    This world has many turns,
    But brightly beams, abin them all,
    The star of Robbie Burns.



Born in 1958 and brought up in Blantyre in a family of seven. Moved to Glasgow in 1976 and stayed until 2012. Then I moved back to Hamilton where I had attended secondary school, for 4 years. Home is now Glasgow, again, I am a weegie through 'n through. I have two daughters, and four granddaughters who all light up my life. My experience of working with poetry, writing, reading and so on is from my childhood. One of my poems was published in a school magazine when I was 12. I am now trying to publish my first grown-up booklet of poems within the next year or so. I trained and studied to become a librarian from 1977. It was the one job I wanted since reading in Hamilton Townhouse Library in the early 1970's!I watched the staff and thought, I'd like to work here... Bibliotherapy came into my life in 2007, at Glasgow Women's Library.