HORIZONS RECOVERY CAFEBraw Blether Midlothian Council Libraries

Wee Read just completed a ten session course of Braw Blether groups on behalf of Midlothian Council Libraries, at Horizons Recovery Cafe in Dalkeith. Here is a summary of the work we did there:

Group Sessions

The group was introduced as an informal shared reading aloud group. With Christine’s experience of expressive writing in a social recovery setting,  we added this for the participants.


Moving closer to home, Teenage years, Change, Moods, Speaking out, Standing up for yourself, Summer.



 Scottish Book Trust publications,” Stories of Home” and “Journeys” were used in several group sessions. For example, The Tardis by John McGlade, was read aloud then discussed. Scottish stories and poems were usually included, as a way of bringing meaning and relevance to participants’ experiences. For example, Andrew Grieg’s poem “The Long Shot”. The discussion was about modern life, people’s own experiences and short writing exercises from prompts, such as: What is his long shot? What is yours?





Wee Read has started a reflective period to evaluate what effects and outcomes the project is having. I have two reports from the projects with the Hope Cafe and with the Health and Wellness Hub. These are based on forms I handed out to participants at the end of a set of 6 or 4 sessions.


Some of the highlights are the comments people made-

Very enjoyable, very therapeutic. Christine is such an inspiration so talented ! And it is also very inspirational listening to others, such a blessing.

I have found this writing course most helpful in expressing my feelings. I have enjoyed hearing other people’s thoughts and feelings.

I found that just the routine of attending and mixing with others helped a lot. The writing side of it being a practical exercise added a lot to it’s benefit.

Thank you.


This was a very productive group different people should be encouraged to this.

It has been very beneficial for my mental physical and spiritual health.

This was thoroughly enjoyable and it got everyone talking and also listening to what others had to say. I learned many interesting things about the people in our group. I think it is brought us all closer together as a group. Thank you very much.

Enjoyed reading group. Brought back lots of wonderful memories. Opened up feelings and thoughts.

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