We are very grateful to the funders who have supported us, and in the medium term we will require similar funding. In the longer run we hope that our contribution to the growth of bibliotherapy nationally brings about direct funding from statutory bodies such as the NHS.

In common with hundreds of Third Sector organisations up and down the country we look to address marginalised groups, people facing stigma, those whose basic needs are poorly met if at all. We work particularly in the area of mental health and wellbeing. Naturally, this work comes into contact with ‘service users’ of statutory mental health services but it’s worth considering the remarks of Professor John Ashton CBE, President of the Faculty of Public Health, who has stated that all health issues are mental health issues. We shall thus continue to network with partners addressing all obstacles to   wellbeing, including the multiple and complex, and severe and enduring health conditions – but also those whose wellbeing is impacted by normal stressful or distressing life events.

To work towards our aims, we’ve arrived at the following strategies, a list which will change or grow in line with our flexible response to opportunities and obstacles: