Who We Are

We want to take the opportunity to thank several volunteers who work behind the scenes and have given us so uch of our time. We are shortly going to announce a third Director.

Currently our services are delivered by the two Directors, Christine and Adrian.

Christine Cather received an MSc in Information and Library Studies (2007) while volunteering at Glasgow Women’s Library, her research topic was Bibliotherapy. A community librarian for many years, poet and fiction reader, NHS Education for Scotland employed her to assist in a development of a broad bibliotherapy project in Scotland. During the last 9 years she has fostered a sizeable interest across health, social care, literary and library sectors in Scotland.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESHer main interest is creative bibliotherapy, that means using texts of either imaginative literature or non-fiction texts which can be read aloud, discussed and written about. The texts are used in group settings and are aimed at spreading the benefits of reading and engagement, social inclusion and enjoyment.

As well as founding and being a Director of Wee Read, she is now a Community Champion in Lanarkshire for the See Me in Scotland campaign.


Adrian Bailey has been a secondary schoolteacher of English and a Further EducationSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES lecturer in several subjects. He managed a charitable project for 11 – 16 year olds who could not flourish in mainstream education. For several years he worked as a befriender with a mental health charity. Adrian also worked with a user-led mental health policy group, and enjoyed visiting schools to talk with young people about mental health. Before relocating to Scotland two years ago, Adrian worked with a creative arts company which provided support to folk recovering from substance dependence. Here, he began a reading group, a local history group and a creative I.T. group while being deeply involved with the company’s writing, drama and photography groups. He also worked with young people in the justice system. Adrian met fellow Director Christine at a residential training programme and is now delighted to have the opportunity to engage with reading and writing groups in Scotland.